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Modules of Pingalab



Maya – Model Analysis for Your Aspiration is a feature rich graphical platform with graphical editor and simulator environment

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C++ Integrations

C++ Integrations

Acceleratio Coder – Pingalab offers a versatile interface for including C, C++ compiled code as dynamically linked extensions.

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Hardware Connect

Hardware Connect

Hardware Connect – support data communication with hardware from Pingalab using available default communication channel.

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what pingalab do

Solutions Pingalab offer

Control system
Image Processing
Signal processing
Research Areas

Pingalab Deliver Innovative Solutions

Imaging Methods

visual representations for analysis and intervention

  • Image Statistics
  • Spatial and Geometric Transformations
  • Morphological Operations
  • Color Attenuation
  • Image Enhancement

Algorithm Study

well-defined process for calculating a function

  • Greedy & Heuristic Optimisation
  • Euclid’s Algorithm
  • Expressing Algorithms
  • Approximate Sequence Matching
  • Sequence Alignment

Process Modeling

set of activities for the specific purpose of definition

  • Error Correcting Codes
  • Side Channel Modulation
  • Galois Fields
  • Windowing Model
  • Kalman Filter

Other Researches

expertise and knowledge beyond stereotype thought

  • native hardware abstraction
  • inference engine
  • transcoding
  • optimization techniques
  • multi process interface

Pingalab: Marching towards

Functions offered
Blocks in Maya
Case studies and developments

In my opinion the tool in present form will be very useful for students in B.Tech courses as it supports all needed packages and one can directly incorporate the C++ Programs in the environment. I hope pingalab will solve all the shortcoming that the other proprietary simulation software presently having

Dr. Amlan Chakrabarti, Professor

It is very useful for students. It supports high level language in the development. useful for researchers

P. Sutha , Professor

The software very useful and economically worth it

M. Gobinath , Professor