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Non Resource Hungry

Pingalab have option to load the packages whenever it required or automatically while it starts.  At initial stage the Pingalab is loaded with preliminary packages only. Whenever developer required to run the specific functions from the packages, he can load the packages instantly and use them. The individual package loading and unloading functionality makes Pingalab as a non resource hungry application.

C++ integration

There are times when you may want to use code written in C, C++ languages for not re-inventing the wheel. Pingalab offers a versatile interface for including C, C++ compiled code as dynamically linked extensions. These functions can be called from the interpreter in the same manner as any ordinary function. The interface is bi-directional and external code can call Pingalab functions (like plot) which otherwise might be very difficult to develop.

Debugger & Profiler

Debugger will assist in the functionality of code, used to interrupt the code at certain point or conditions are met. Once execution has halted and debug mode is entered, the value of data at execution can be evaluated and revised.

Profiling will measure the timing of code execution. All calls to every function in the code is recorded. Its useful to analyze the behavior and flow of the code, where it requires more computation and help to optimize the code.

Quick Help

Quick Help, which helps learners to understand the function concepts easily and work with them. Developers can take the quick help as ready reference for their development. Quick help comes with a dedicated window to show the function details, parameter options and even with sample programs. As soon as  the developer enter the function name in the terminal window the quick help shows the corresponding function help details in the panel.


The data plot and visualization tool including

  • 2D & 3D plot
  • Histogram and pie plot
  • Color & transparent filling
  • Data stream plot and filter
  • Overlays of plot
  • Interactive plot
  • Multiple save formats
  • Details as annotations

Hardware Connect

Hardware Communication Tools including protocols and devices

  • I2C
  • GPIB
  • Parallel
  • Serial
  • Sockets
  • TCP
  • General

Signal Processing

Signal Processing Tools including

  • Signal generation
  • Filtering
  • Filter Analysis
  • Conversion
  • IIR
  • FIR
  • Transform
  • Power Spectrum window

Communication System

Communication System for

  • Digital Communications
  • Error Correcting Codes (Channel Code)
  • Source Code functions
  • Modulation
  • Block Coding
  • Block Inter levers
  • Galois Fields

Image Processing

Image Processing Tools including

  • Image statistics
  • Transformations
  • Enhancement
  • Restoration
  • Linear filtering
  • Feature extraction
  • Morphological operations
  • Block processing

Control System

Control System Tools including

  • Linear Time Invariant
  • Model Data Access
  • Conversion & Interconnections
  • Time Domain
  • Frequency Domain Analysis
  • Pole placement
  • Optimal & Robust Control
  • Controller Reduction

General Interface

General Interface Tools including

  • File I/O
  • CSV File handling
  • DBF I/O
  • XML I/O
  • Spreadsheet I/O
  • Spreadsheet Utility
  • Spreadsheet Verification
  • File Conversions