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Maya – (Model Analysis for Your Aspiration) Simulator

Maya – Model Analysis for Your Aspiration is a feature rich graphical platform with graphical editor and simulator environment accessible within Pingalab. Maya comes with palate window and graphical editor window. The palate has a range of blocks under the named groups like common, source, sink, signal, image, communication etc. These blocks have defined algorithm with set of options to solve specific problems. These blocks help you to develop a solution on the fly without writing code.

Maya facilitate drag and drop of blocks in to the graphical editor to create the dynamic model. All the blocks have the option to set the parameter values according to developer requirement. Maya allows the developer to fine tune the model design after the code development.  Maya gives the opportunity to build your own custom block, which can be easily created and inserted in to the model design. And developer can insert any specific initialisation settings, needed before execution of a model. Maya provides easy way of modelling a system and allows us to look into the coding developed


  • MAYA – Powerful Simulation associate with set of blocks in pallet
  • Pallets with blocks for common, image, signal, communication and control system
  • Wizard to create the user custom block
  • Pallet with divisional hierarchy contains a list of blocks based on segments
  • Project management system with archive option
  • Search option available in pallet to search through the block
  • Auto save file functions helps to save up to 10 design files
  • User customizable preference for blocks and graphical editor
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